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Howard staggered out of Penny's apartment at around midday. He had just had the best sex of his life with his gorgeous wife Bernadette. He was still, even after an hour of rest, shaky on his feet. He walked over to Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Knocking on the door he remembered Penny's promise to him. He knew he had satisfied his part of the bargain. After a while of waiting he knocked again, and this time was called in. He opened the door and was greeted by Penny and only Penny. She was behind the kitchen counter. "Hey, where are the guys?" He asked timidly. "Oh, Leonard's still trying to calm Sheldon down in his room." She replied. "Calm him down? Did he see your new bubble butts and tits pics and freak out?" Howard asked. "Uh, yeah he did, but I don't think that was the biggest shock to him." She said. "What else would it... Oh, no you didn't?" He said shocked. Penny didn't say anything, she just smirked slightly and poured herself a drink. "Well what happened exactly?" Howard asked. "He erm, grew... a lot." She replied, she thought back to his giant horse cock and smiled. Turning back to Howard she held her hands apart and showed him. "Jesus really... lucky bastard." Howard said. He walked over to the counter. "So, um, I'm off to go get Raj. Thought I'd let him join in on the fun." He said, looking nervously at Penny. "Is there something else Howard?" She said, moving round the counter. Howard could now see what she was wearing. Dressed in just a tight red top and a set of panties which struggled desperately to contain her monolithic ass. "Well, I just wanted to check if you still remembered your promise." He said, not looking her in the eyes. "You mean the promise where if you satisfy your wife, then I would let you have a crack at this." She replied, turning around she spanked her super big phat ass pictures cheeks. Howard watched intently. He gulped and croaked out a reply. "Yes." He said. Penny smiled and backed up into him. She pressed her big ass women pic into his crotch like she did earlier. "No, I haven't forgotten." With that she started grinding on him. Putting a lot of effort into her moves. He slowly got nudged backwards without realising it. It took Penny a solid minute to nudge him out of the door. For Howard, it was one of the greatest minutes of his life. As he emerged into the hallway, Penny change her moves. Instead of grinding, she bent her knees slightly and started twerking her massive, soft, round bubble butt on Howard's rock-hard cock. She did this for a solid minute and it drove Howard mental. He couldn't contain himself. For years he had idealised this woman as a goddess, and now she was voluntarily twerking her girl huge ass picture on him. "Uh god... Penny." He said. Penny recognised this. She knew Howard was about to cum. She immediately stopped what she was doing and spun round. She quickly unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers and boxers. Out popped his hard ten-inch cock. She grasped it just in time and quickly engulfed his cock head. "Uh YES!!" Howard yelled. He started cumming in Penny's mouth. Whereas before the drug, she would have struggled to handle this much cum. After both Leonard and Sheldon, she was able to easily swallow the six loads Howard released. It tasted quite nice to her and it was great for a nice lunch snack. Withdrawing his now softening cock from her mouth. She laughed internally to herself. She just realised that the only thing she had swallowed today was cum. "And that was just me twerking and grinding." She said to him with a wink. With that she walked back inside and closed the door. Howard stood there, breathing heavily. He couldn't believe it. He tucked himself in and buckled up his trousers and turned to walk down the stairs. "Leonard is one lucky bastard." He thought. (Meanwhile back in Leonard's apartment) Leonard walked down the hall of his apartment. He looked up to see Penny closing the front door behind her. "Where have you been?" He asked. He walked behind the kitchen counter. "Nowhere." Penny said. Smiling to herself. She sauntered over to Leonard and kissed him. "Sheldon is asking for you." He said, watching her thick latin big ass women pictureshake as she moved back round the counter. "Said that he needed to talk to you about all this." He said. "Okay, do you think I should get changed first?" She replied, innocently. "Maybe, throw on some pants." He replied. She smiled and walked down the hall to Leonard's room to fetch her jeans. Leonard made himself a drink and went to sit down in the armchair. He heard Penny go into his room. Then heard her leave and go into Sheldon's room. He sat there for several minutes before he heard a knock at the door. He got up and went to see who it was. He opened the door and saw Bernadette for the first time that day. His eyes shot open as he saw the buxom, blonde before him. "Hey Leonard, I was just wondering if I could come in and talk to Penny?" She asked timidly. "Yeah come in, Penny's talking to Sheldon at the moment though. He's um... taken your drug and is still coming to terms with it's effects." He replied. Bernadette walked in and faced Leonard. "You gave him the drug; did it make him... bigger big booty teen white girls picture?" She asked. "Yeah it did, he's even bigger than me." He said. "You took it too? How big are you and Sheldon then?" She asked in amazement. "Yeah well Penny sort of drugged us both." He replied "Oh yeah, she said she was going to go spread the joy." "Yeah, she definitely did that, and to answer your other question, Sheldon's fifteen inches." He said. Now it was Bernadette's eyes that shot open. "WHAT!! Fifteen inches." She exclaimed. She couldn't believe it. She had struggled enough with Howard's massive cock. "And, and what about you?" She said. Leonard just smiled at her and went and sat down in the armchair. "Well you'll have to find that out for yourself." He said coolly. Bernadette smiled back at him and sauntered over to him. She popped open her cardigan as she went. (In Sheldon's room) Penny opened Sheldon's door and walked in to see him under his sheets in his usual sleeping position. She closed the door quickly and stood there facing him. Sheldon watched her intently. "Hey Sheldon." She said "Penny." He replied. "I think I should start by saying sorry." She said quickly. Slowly moving towards his bed. "You think? You drugged me and then used me to please your own urges." Sheldon said quiet angrily. Penny stopped dead in her tracks and stared at him slightly angrily. Sheldon noticed this and looked a bit worried. "Now Sheldon sweetie, don't act like I was the only one who enjoyed that blowjob earlier." She replied. "Penny unlike the rest of you simpletons. I don't get urges like the rest of you." He said confidently. "Oh really, you don't do you. Well maybe you didn't before, but now your different." "I highly doubt that Penny." Penny just smiled and turned around. She presented her phat ass booty butt picture compilation encased in her tight jeans to him. Sheldon's face dropped. He was captivated by her giant derriere. "What about now tough guy?" Penny asked. Sheldon squirmed under his sheets. He felt his cock jerk slightly. Penny then bent over slightly, like she did with Howard. She then started twerking her huge ass up and down. Sheldon had never seen a girl twerk before, and to make matters worse for him he was watching the biggest ass on the planet doing it. He watched her ass intently. He could feel his cock rising from under his sheets. His breathing increased, and he let out a big sigh. Penny heard this and turned around. She was treated to the sight of his bed sheets sticking up in the air. Like someone had stuck a lead pipe under there. "Oh, what's that Sheldon?" She asked innocently. She closed the gap between herself and the bed and sat down. "Fine, maybe I was wrong." Sheldon said, now staring at her big tits which were within touching distance. Penny reached out and grasped his cock through the sheets. "And what do you have to say about that?" She said. "I'm sorry." He said. Her hand quickly snapping his attention. She then reached under the sheets and grasped his cock with her hand. "And what else?" She asked. "And that I now have the same urges as everyone else." He said desperately. "And what made your cock like this?" She said in a completely monotoned voice. "You did, Penny, You and your massive bottom." He was putty in her hands. "Good boy." She said and started to jerk his massive fuck stick with her hand. "Now what are we going to do about this massive cock of yours." She asked. "Penny... Please. Fix it." He cried. His head leant back in pleasure as a result of her hands. "Okay, since you asked so nicely." She then threw back the bed sheets and unveiled Sheldon's cock and all it's glory. She had seen and held it before, but it still caught her by surprise when she saw it. Her hand looked so small compared to the massive column it was stroking. "You need to scoot to the end of the bed sweetie." She instructed. Sheldon did as she asked, and she knelt before him. Before she had only managed about twelve inches of it. She knew she could have taken the rest but, Sheldon had climaxed before she could get the last few inches down her gullet. After stroking it for a few moments, Penny decided to treat herself to some meat. She leant forward slightly and started licking his long shaft with her tongue. She wanted it to be slick in her saliva. She used her tongue like a brush, it took her ages to run it along the vast length of cock before her. "Jesus Sheldon, this thing really is fucking huge." She said, before sucking on the tip like a lollipop. Sheldon stared at this gorgeous blonde slurping on his cock. Never did he think this was how his day was going to go. "Oh Penny, You're amazing at this." He said. She smiled at this and then started to take him deeper into her mouth. She swallowed five inches to start with, taking several minutes to warm up her throat for what was to come. Penny while bobbing up and down on Sheldon's cock, took her hands and started to remove her top. She quickly slipped out of it and sat there in just her bra and jeans. Sheldon just sat there in shock. He couldn't tear his eyes from her chest. Penny smiled at him. "What's the matter Sheldon?" She asked, while taking small licks of his cock. Sheldon didn't reply. He just grunted a few times. This made Penny laugh. She reached behind her back and quickly unclasped her bra. Her big tits were free. "Urgh." Was the only noise Sheldon could make. She jumped back as she saw his cock jerk in front of her and a big dollop of precum shot forward. It landed on her big tits. Without saying anything, she just lifted her big tit to her mouth and licked it up. "Mmm." She said and then quickly continued sucking his cock. She quickly got twelve inches down her throat and then proceeded to go up and down his shaft. Clamping her plumb lips as she went. Sheldon squirmed around above her. He was struggling to process all these new feelings. Penny, after sucking him for five minutes like this decided she needed some relief, but first she had to take him all. She sucked in the twelve inches she could do and then, proceeded further. She easily took the thirteenth inch; the fourteenth was harder. She then closed her eyes and pressed on. Then she felt it. Her forehead hit Sheldon's stomach. She'd done it. Fifteen inches. No woman had ever done this before. She held herself there for as long as she could before having to slide back down. Penny took a big gasp when she came free. Both her and Sheldon's breathing was rapid. "Few, that was harder than I thought it would be." She said. "Uh god, that was great." He replied. Grabbing his big cock and started stroking it. "Woah tiger, if you think that was good then wait till you see what we're going to do next." She quickly said. She got up and turned around. She unclasped her jean buttons and bent over in front of him. She shimmied them off her huge ass as seductively as she could. She looked around and saw Sheldon had frozen as he watched her strip. "Still with me sweetie?" She asked. Sheldon broke his gaze and looked at her. "Uh yeah." He said. Penny jumped on the bed and put her head face down in to his pillow. She arched her back and presented her pic nu fake butt to him invitingly. Despite his inexperience, Sheldon knew what to do. He moved behind her and pressed his cock head against her pussy. He could see how wet she was, and her breathing increased again as he slowly pushed into her. "Oh Fuck, yes Sheldon that's good." She closed her eyes as she prepared for the biggest cock of her life. Sheldon stared down at her large ass cheeks before him. He wanted to touch and squeeze them so badly. "URGH, do it Sheldon, do it, take what you want, just keeping fucking me." Penny exclaimed. Sheldon didn't need to be told twice. He reached forward with both hands and sunk them into her titanic ass cheeks. He was surprised at how soft they were. He kneaded them with his hands while slowly pushing forward. He now had half of his cock buried inside Penny. She was loving it. The fact that it was Sheldon's huge cock inside her only made it better. "OH MY GOD... SHELDON, IT'S SO GOOD, FUCK ME SWEETIE. DON'T STOP." She yelled as he continued to plunge further into her depths. He got to about twelve inches when he started to feel her get a lot tighter. Penny didn't say anything she just started whimpering as the pleasure felt so good. Sheldon knew if he was going to get the rest inside of her, then he would have to build up some momentum. With that in mind he started to withdraw. He pulled back till he had just a few inches inside her. He then without mercy, plunged as deep as he could go. "AHH, YES, FUCK YES, SHELDON. IM CUMMING!!" Penny cried. She buried her head in to the pillow and balled up her fists. Sheldon didn't get any further, but he did feel her juices soak his cock. 'Perfect.' He thought. 'Lubrication will help me bottom out inside her.' With that in mind, he withdrew again and then slammed back inside her. Penny grunted every time he did this, and he kept doing it for ten whole minutes. He didn't let up. He just kept pummelling her pussy until he felt he was almost all the way inside her. Penny came four more times while he fucked her. She couldn't keep up with him and was in pure ecstasy. She felt him go so deep inside her. No one had ever fucked her so hard in her life. She loved Leonard and his thicker cock and his massive balls, which would drown her in cum but, Sheldon could give her a different kind of pleasure. He could fuck her into oblivion. "Jesus Sheldon this is crazy. I'm going to need this cock regularly, you know, that right?" She said. "Oh Penny, you can have me when ever you want. I can't say no to this huge bottom of yours." He replied, he then pulled his hand back and spanked her hard. He watched her big pictures xxx khole kardasian naked shake from the impact. "OHHH, FUCK YES, YOU... PROMISE?" She tried to say. Sheldon never let up his pace. He was still fucking her with everything he had. "Yeah. Anytime. Anyplace." He said. He felt her cum again. She arched her back and stuck her bubble butt out even further. He could feel his own orgasm climbing and knew he was going to cum. "Penny, Penny, I'm going to, going to... CUMMMM!!" He shouted. He buried his cock as deep inside her as he could and unloaded. "FUCK SHELDON, YESSS!! FILL ME UP... SHIT IM CUMMING TOO. UHHH!!" Penny couldn't believe that sex could ever be this good. Her orgasm went on for ages. She could feel Sheldon pouring years of pent up cum inside of her. It all became too much, and she fell to the bed and passed out. Sheldon came inside her for a solid minute. He fell forward once he had finished and laid on top of her. Her black big booty persiannbaddiee picture galery acting as a pillow for his body. He could feel his cock softening inside her and could feel his cum following it as it went. He then, like Penny passed out next to her from the pleasure.